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Simcha Davidov and his wife Bella operate "Yeshua Ministries," an evangelistic outreach ministry in Israel. Simcha was born and raised in Israel. He served as a tank commander in the army. He left Israel to live in the United States where he spent approximately 25 years. A number of years ago, he felt that the Lord was calling him back to his homeland to bring the gospel to his own people. Simcha currently lives in Ashdod, Israel. Ashdod is a fairly large community south of Tel Aviv along the southern coast, just north of Gaza.

Simcha and Bella are committed to reaching the Israeli people with the great news of Yeshua. Their ministry involves street evangelism, tract distribution, prayer walks, and Bible studies. We encourage you to pray for their ministry and that the Lord would grant them more and more opportunities to reach Israelis.

We also encourage you to contact them and receive their newsletter, which contains the latest information about the ministry and how God is working to bring His nation back to Himself. They also travel abroad and speak to groups about Israel and what the Lord is doing there. Simcha and Bella can be contacted at:



Yeshua Ministries

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Phone: ++ 972-523-307-554


P.O.BOX 14379



You can also read more about them and the latest news regarding their ministry at